The Ravi Shankar Centre

The Ravi Shankar Centre is centrally located in New Delhi, India. Its facilities include:

  • archives
  • library
  • reading room
  • instruction rooms
  • recording studio
  • a large room for Indian style concerts
  • an open-air theater
  • art gallery
  • living quarters for students

An evening concert at the Centre's
open-air theater in March 2006

The multipurpose room

School children visiting the Center, 2007

Music instructions in the Center, 2007

Ravi Shankar talks to children visiting the Center and teaches them a little. Lakshmi Shankar on extreme left.

Centre's address:

Ravi Shankar Institute for Music and Performing Arts (RIMPA)
7 Chanakyapuri
New Delhi, 110021

Contact: Kaushik Kar
Tel: +91-11-26877241/2/3
Fax: +91-11-24677401

C. Amutha aka Amutha Baruah or Amuthavalli Chinnappan, no longer works for the Ravi Shankar Centre, or the The Ravi Shankar foundation and is in no way connected with the Shankar family..

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